When it comes to comparing the role of an Uploader vs. a Developer in RME, there are more similarities than there are differences, but in a nutshell, an Uploader can upload the SCORM file. Let’s compare the two roles in greater detail!

RME Uploader

The number of Uploaders is limited for each Organization based on the subscription plan. Uploaders have the same access as Developers to the courses, as well as:
  • Upload courses to the Organization
  • Delete courses they have Uploaded
  • View all the courses they have Uploader privileges to in their User Dashboard

RME Developers

Developers have full access to the course, including the course details dashboard and comments dashboard.

Anyone assigned to a course as a Developer in RME may do the following at the course level:

  • Edit course information
  • Modify Comments
  • Add to Discussions
  • Add or Delete Developers
  • View/Edit Reviewer section (see status, edit Add, Lock, Unlock, and Get Link for Reviewers)
  • Lock or Unlock Course Review Cycle
  • View all the courses they have Developer privileges to in their User Dashboard

So, other ways an RME Developer is different than an RME Uploader is because an Uploader can assign specific tasks to different developers on your team; and the developer can mark it as complete…. or a developer can DENY doing the task (perhaps its just out of scope!).

So a developer is more like a content generator: A particular developer can be in charge of graphics and look and feel, but perhaps once she is done, you can then make your voice over talent as a developer… perhaps there is someone specific you need in charge of  some Vyond videos that was a contracotr you brought in and need them to take ownership over that comment- so you can assign specific tasks to specific developers, and have them take ownership until it is DONE. Another cool feature is if the Developer has access to your source file, they can create a new review cycle by uploading their new and improved SCORM file.

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